Glad you stopped by my tubes page. I don't have a ton of them, but I hope to be able to add more as time goes on. Hopefully you will find something to your liking. My tubes are PSP 7 and up compatible.

Unlike a lot of tubers, I don't care how you use my tubes, as long as you don't claim them as your own, but you can certainly share them with anyone. I just don't believe in all the secrecy, as far as I am concerned, if you don't want to share your work, then don't publicize it. So there is my 2 cents

If you have any commments or suggestions, I would be interested to hear them, so please do not hesitate to sign my guestbook, located near the bottom of this page.

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In the interest of good "netiquette," I have made a sincere effort to use only those images which are freely available online, or those which I have been given permission to use. If you feel that I have infringed on a copyright, or have otherwise used an image improperly, please email me, and I will correct the situation.

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